This morning on my way to work I was on the highway in real heavy traffic. I was in the farthest right Lane ready to merge onto another freeway.
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Then what happened?

Make sure you get checked out just in case medically. You never know what's wrong. Things show up a few days later and they can really mess with your. I'm happy nothing serious happened.

Glad you're ok. I see so many people on the phones whilst driving, its so annoying.

My car is drivable but the whole back end is now in the trunk. I'm so upset. I bought & paid cash for it so I wouldn't have car payments & help 2 of my sons with their student loans. The girl that was behind me that caused this mess was texting!
Need I say more ??????

We're on a 6 Lane highway in morning rush hour traffic & she's texting! Please everyone, talk to your kids, & loved ones. Thank God this wasn't a fatal wreck...but it very well could've been.

4 cars involved all cuz she couldn't wait to reply to her text till she got to her destination!

My car being the worse 😢😢😢😢

Insurance?'s probably gonna be totaled & you never get what the car is really worth 😰

Agreed, texting while driving is as bad as driving drunk. Sorry this happened to you!

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And then?

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