Hello. My name is Michelle and I am new to this website. I am here searching for support and hopefully answers. Here is my story. I am 31 years old and I am a single mother. I was recently in a car accident (Thursday evening, August 21st). My daughter was in the car with me. She is fine, I suffered a few bumps and bruises. The accident was not my fault. I was driving home through an intersection (the light was green), it was just getting dark. A car hit my when I was driving through the intersection. He was making a left as I was going straight. He didn't have his headlights or a turn signal on. He is at fault. Problem is he drove off. There is a Sunoco at the intersection of the crash. A police officer was sitting there in the parking lot and witnessed the whole thing. After the guy hit me, I turned around to make sure my daughter was okay, and when I turned back around the guy was backing up. He reversed, turned around, and drove down the street. I didn't get a look at his face. I have 2 witnesses that saw the accident. The cop waited a few minute before doing anything. She saw him drive away slowly down the street. I got out of my car and yelled at her to go get him. She put her lights on and chased him down the street (after I told her twice to go chase him). I feel that she procrastinated on the whole situation. Anyway, as she chased him, he drove down a one way street the wrong way, hit 2 parked cars, drove down another road, dumped the car and fled on foot. Other officers were called, but they didn't catch him despite the amount of cops trying to catch him; they had the dog there too looking for him. They didn't catch him although they were able to get a description. The guy driving the car isn't the owner of the car. It's a lady who I found out has no insurance. The police went to her house and asked for her. A family member answered the door and said she wasn't there. I have called the police everyday but they say they haven't caught the guy but they have an idea of who it is. The big problem I am facing is I only have liability through Progressive. I have no collision or uninsured motorist coverage. Why you ask? Because I'm a single mom, I live on my own, work full time, pay my bills, and all I could afford was the liability. So now after speaking with my lawyer, he said there's nothing I can do. I can't go after the woman's insurance because she has none, and I am now stuck having to pay at least $1,000 to fix my car. Shouldn't someone be responsible for this? I have limited tort, but my lawyer said that since a car that is out of state hit me I automatically have full tort, but whether you have limited or full tort, it's still not going to get my car fixed. Am I really at a dead end or is there anything else that I can do? My lawyer said I can sue the lady, but it will be an uphill battle, and even if I do so, she may not even pay me. Now I'm stuck having to rent a car until mine is fixed, paying $400/week. My daughter starts kindergarten next week as well, so I had to rent a car to get to and from work and to get her to school. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Correct. You are unfortunately at a dead end from what I can tell. For every system there is a loop hole and it appears this person has found the loop hole which is to avoid insurance. I will first say that insurance is one big scam. That said, however, now and then it [sorta] helps. Insurance is a thing that says here is my something to give you if something happens. (This something can benefit you as well depending on the situation). When you opt out of the something to give, (by avoiding carrying insurance) then what does a person have to collect? Zero. How does anything get paid for? Well, it kinda doesn't. My stance on the police waiting is that they may have been analyzing the situation. In an accident, it is of utmost importance to see who is hurt. Particularly if your daughter whom was most likely visible was in the car. Secondly, everyone that is bad should not neccarily be chased. The amount of danger at hand should be assessed. And, chasing is one of several ways to catch them. Sometimes the best option is to call a helicopter and attend to the person whom is most hurt and worry about the rest later. After all, it is hard to tell how hurt a person is in the beginning and which seems more important......attend to a child.....or chase a bad guy?

Also since you are in a money bind as I was when I got hit 1. Ignore what anyone tells you about going to the hospital right away unless there is obvious pain, WAIT a few days. BECAUSE, if you go right a way, they will tell you nothing is wrong and bye bye goes $200. If you wait, you have PROOF to your insurance company that something did happen and are likely to have an immediate remedy as well as a prescription and what not 2. when the insurance asks you if you would like to agree to a recording remember that THIS IS OPTIONAL AND CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU......NO MATTER HOW POLITE THEY ARE TO YOU.

With the car situation try and find someone who you can have your daughter car pool with. I'm currently battling a lawsuit. I was in a server car accident. I was in my friends car. It's been almost a year and I still haven't started a lawsuit. All my medical bills are covered but all the gas I've had to spend to go to all my appointments have put me into serious debt. Try your hardest to stay out of debt. I'm 20 and it's going to be years before I get out of all my debt.