I Was In Three Car Accident An One On My Bike

one night on my way home from work on my motor bike witch was a big chop er  i was hit head on by a tow truck a drunk driver it was a 90 mile an hour in pack head on an i wasn't wearing a helmet at the time the there wasn't any left of the tow truck or my bike i should have died on the spot but after i came out of my coma the stitch's in my legs had already healed you would think i would be messed up for life with in to weeks  i was fully recovered an back to work an you never had know the i was in any type of accident .i was 19 at time but one day on a at work a 20 pond sludge hammer went into my for head that was the most pain that ever had an because of that i now have epilepsy an have relay bad seize"s so i cant drive the last time  that i was driving i went down a mount on with my car i Brook my back an my neck an arms ribs an punched  my  lungs well because of a rock band an i love life .

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6 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I think when the time comes you'll do what's destined for you to do and more.

I wish i new i think to help others,

Your life has a very specific divine plan that is predestine before your conception. You are here to do greatness! I'm in awe of these (anything but coincidental occurrences in your life). I wonder what your purpose is. We all have one or some.

Its to bad a person don't stop to thing before they drink and drive and hurt some like this ,

you are a very brave man.

You must be one strong bloke to go through so much physical injury and live to tell about it. I'm glad you survived :-)