Car Accident, Not the Worst

Okay, so while this was bad, I am saying the people I know that were involved made it out extremely luckily.

The date was 5-31-2008, some family members were heading back from a family vacation in Bowden, WV. They pulled up to an intersection and a 2008 Chevrolet Equinox ran into them, they had a head on collision it was the equinox's fault. My family members were driving a 2007 Chevrolet Impala. My father and I got a call minutes after it had happened, he was saying to come pick him up. On the way there, we tried to hit every single green light. It was like forever but we finally reached the hospital. This was where we found out the people that they had hit had worked at my old school, have been out of elementary for forever, well it was the workers parents. They were aged 78 so we were worried about all 4 people involved.


The accident ended up totaling the Equinox and I believe they have a new exactly the same one.


I believe insurance handeled the issues, if there ever was any.

The people I know had bruises.

I think they are extremely lucky getting out of the accident with the injuries they had, and I am also including a picture for you so you can see how lucky they were in surviving.


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Mar 11, 2009