The Sound of Screaming Tires..

I've had 2 car accidents. The first one was in 2007 when my sister, brother and I were drunk and high. This was a normal thing for us on nights out, I was learning about myself back then and was still exploring new things to do so, being that we were not in the right mind. Me and my brother sat in the hood of the car, signaled my sister to hit gas. She went so fast and suddenly hit the brakes. So we fleEeEeEew to the ground. I remember it very clearly, my brother was holding a bottle of beer so when we fell, he dropped it and that is just where i landed. It was traumatizing and still have the scars to remind me everyday. We didn't go to the hospital because those were just minor gashes and the glass didn't seem to have gotten in my skin. That same year, my sister left for 6 months and she forgave herself after that. We missed her.


This year was the worse accident. Me and the same sister were tipsy, we weren't drunk at all. We were with cousins and friends at a karaoke place. When we were in the car going home, one of our friends in the other car challenged us to a race. We were going 120 on a highway. Suddenly, they swerved to the left because they noticed a motorcycle that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Unfortunately for us, we couldn't swerve fast enough so my sister hit the brakes and the tires screamed, the sound of it just torturing. we skidded to the left, hit the curb. Skidded to the right, hit the wall. Sound of glass shattering and blood gashing out. I was shaking. My sister cried because she knew she was responsible for two of my car accidents. Then she apologized. I remember flying from the passenger seat to the driver's seat and back again. I had countless bruises and scratches. The impact broke the glass on my side and the parents had me checked out for a concussion because they believed that my head broke the glass. I think i would have felt the pain if it was my head but just to be safe. We weren't wearing seat belts, by the way. I live in a country where seat belts aren't strictly implemented. The car was a total wreck and cost 300,000 pesos to repair.


After that experience, I almost always wear my seat belt and close my eyes every time someone drove faster that what is comfortable with me. I am still traumatized until today. I think the fear of riding a fast car will always stay with me because I can imagine what could happen. I could remember the feeling. I could still hear the screaming of the tires. 

thegirlinterrupted thegirlinterrupted
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2009