We Were Just Going Home.

On Sunday night a few weeks ago, my boyfriend was driving us home. We'd been to see his parents for the evening and had decided to get an early night.

As we approached a blind bend, two sets of headlights were coming in the other direction. One set was on our side of the road and began to spin.

We couldn't get out of the way and I braced myself for the impact. 

The windscreen shattered and I screamed as the force of the crash went through us and the car.  It was just unimaginable. Then all you could hear breaking the silence was paniced voices, 'Are you alright?' 'who's got a phone?'

My entire body felt hot and I could taste blood in my mouth. I later realised this was from small pieces of glass, but for a couple of minutes I honestly thought I was critically injured.

I became incredibly selfish for that time.  I don't even remember checking whether my boyfriend was alright. I just wanted some help.

Our airbags had triggered and there was a strange, dusty electrical smell in the air that I'll never forget.

Once I'd calmed down and got my breathing back in check I realised I was ok.  Just a broken leg. ..and, as it turns out, ankle.

Once the paramedics arrived it dawned on me that others had been more seriously hurt. We waited, obviously at the bottom of the priority list...and rightly so.  I was calm-ish and talking and my boyfriend was walking around.

We were taken to hospital in an ambulance and in resuss one of the doctors tried to manipulate my leg...the bone had broken through the skin and they were worried about infection. 

At this moment all I could think about was how amazing it is to live in a place where you have an accident and pretty much straight away there were all these people there to look after me.

Once I'd had some treatment and got comfortable, it started to become clear just how lucky we'd been.

The entire bonnet of our car was smashed (it has a four star safety rating and without doubt this saved our lives).   

I had bruising all over the place. Have a plate and eight screws in my ankle/leg and spent about ten days throwing up form all the medication. But that all passes and bones heal.

The car that hit us was not so lucky. It took the poor girl in the rear seat two weeks just to get sat up and talking in hospital. And the girl in the front passanger seat sadly lost her life.

One second you're just driving home, talking about what you're going to do the next day.  The next second nothing matters and you just want to survive and know everyone involved is alright.  This time that wasn't the case.

I think this is going to take a while to come to terms with.  I know we couldn't have done anything to avoid the collision, but I will never forget that a young girl was killed that night and I so hope she wasn't scared.


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Wow. That's awful. You're very lucky.