The Wreck

On Feb  10th 2008 we (my brother, myself and my cousins two children) were on our way home from church on a Sunday. The church we go to is 45 min away from home. we were in a Ford Explorer and we made a few stops (lunch and Best Buy) before we started home. we had just passed the airport and going under the last overpass for awhile, we were going about 70-75 miles per hour. The center tread of the right rear passenger tire seperated from the tire itself, we spun around, i thought that we were going to straighten up, instead we began to roll. the last thing that i remember was glass and rock coming @ my face. the next thing that i knew we were upside down and my feet were at the steering wheel. There was a guy shaking me and asking me if i was alright. i came to and said i think so, then he preceded to say he was going to cut the seat belt, and before i could say no it was done. I landed i a large pool of my blood, noone had told me how bad my injuries were. I could not get out of the vehicle and i was in the most uncomfortable position, my butt was up in the air my feet were on the dash board and my head was in my hands (the whole weight of my body). It seemed like forever before the emergency workers got there. Appearantly it was shift changing time at the near by hospital, because there were lots of medical ppl there and ppl on their way home from church like us because ther were plently of ppl praying very loudly all around us. To get me out of the vehicle they had to cut the post that held the driver and rear passenger door in place off of the vehcile. They wanted to strap me to a back board while i was still in the vehcile, and i told them no way that they were going to have to let me crawl out then starp me down, they realized that i was right and let me do that. As they were working on me i remember the ambulance driver asking if medflight was on the way and one of the others said yes and that it was still 5 min away, The ambulance drivers reply was we can't wait, so across the median and throught the ditch we go! As soon as they got the doors shut and we started moving they started removing my clothes and starting IVs, checking for other injuries. in the emergency room i do not remember much. I know that i had C-T scans , mris, x-rays the whole darrage of test. Finally i was back in the ER and a nurse was doing something to my head and it was hurting really bad!!!! I ask her what she was doing and her reply was "Mr. Brown my hand is underneath your scalp cleaning out the rock and glass. That was the 1st time i knew what was wrong, a baseball size area of flesh was missing from my forehead. Not long after that the Plastic surgeon that was on call came in and said that i needed to have my skull cover back up or i could die  and it would probably leave a really bad scar, my reply was "i am alive just fix it!!!!" When i came out of surgey i was in a neurorecovery unit. The surgeon came in all explained the extent of my injuries, they had to use titanium mesh to fix a hole knocked in my sinuses above my right eye. Two years and 3-4 surgeries later i still am having problems.

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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

Holy crap.... You sure are lucky to have survived all that, I think it sounds like it was a pretty close call. <br />
Are you allright with driving / being driven in a care now? I can imagine having some issues with that. <br />
How about the other people in your vehicle? Your brother and two cousins? Did they also survive?