Head On

in the mid 1990's on way way home from work one day...... The sun was blinding me just after i had turned onto a road heading west. There wsa a car stopped to turn left head of me around a corner that i could not see. Not realizing the car was stopped (tail lights were not working) I slammed on the brakes, throwing my centry bucik into the on coming lane of traffic. The car that hit me head on was a 1970 something model, me hitting a brick wall. I had my seat belt on (THANK GOD!), if i hadn't i would have been thrown out of the vehicle. When everytning came to a stop i qucikly got out of the car because it was smoking. I made it to the ditch and I thought that was having a heart attack. what had happened was my chest had hit the steering wheel and my left knee whack the dash real good. Ambulance got there to take me to the emergency room, and they thought that my leg was broken. At that point i have never laid on a flat table so long in my life. They cut ALL my clothes off and started IVs and put oxygen on me (I was scared ****-less!!!!!). Long story short NOTHING broke, YEAH!!!! The car was brought to our yard and later i went out to take a look at it, i touched the steering wheel and the whole thing fell to the floor. WOW!!!!!!!! I pray never again PLEASE!!!!!!

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Feb 19, 2010