1990 It Felt Kind Of Premeditated...i Knew Before It Happened.

it was at capalaba and still to this day I think it was in a different intersection - everytime I go past there I see it but it was another intersection further up.  its scarey and still haunts me. I was sitting in the middle and I had a seat belt on but it was only a small one over the lap no over the shoulder.

I hit my head on the dash board and I blanked out for a  few seconds I felt like hell had hit me.

I couldn't feel a thing, it was like a numbing sensation came over me.  shock hit in.  my mum lifted my head up and I couldn't see her everything felt black for a minute or so and then I seen blur around and blood, I said "am i hurt"? to my mum.

she said just a bit.  I was going to wear my sunglasses - thank god I took them off - I would have been blind perminantly.

then I realised my leg was hurting not too bad, but later it was completely swollen.  There  was a huge bruise from top to toe of purple, red and black,

later yellow and brown etc.  I still get pain from this leg today.

I have been in a few near misses, a small accident on a bus.  I was scared to get in a car again or learn to drive.

the biggest mistake my mother did was leaving the accident, she should have asked for an ambulance. just in case.

I spent a whole month with serve nasal bleeding and sinus infection on antibiotics, painkillers, and antihistamines.

they took some xrays and general stuff like blood pressure and all that stuff, but it was no fun and I went through bad post depression afterwards, and my study was set back once again.

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