Don't Remember Much.

  I was REALLY intoxicated. This was years ago when I was a little wilder and more reckless about life.

  I lived with a best friend and we shared an apt. together. He was out with his girlfriend in her car. I was home alone drinking vodka preparing to go out to a party. We had earlier been looking for some weed to purchase and he called to see if I had been successful. I told him that another friend had what we wanted but would have to act fast. Not wanting to miss out, he told me I could take his car to make the pickup and away I went.

  They tell me I turned left at an intersection and went right into another car going through their green light.  I woke up in the hospital with my mother arguing with 2 cops who were trying to get into the room to take blood for an impaired charge. Thank God for mommy! She saved my butt there...AGAIN!

I guess what I did was while waiting in the intersection to make the left turn, I was looking up at the apt. building counting floors to make sure this fellow was home. I was just drunk enough that when I saw the light on in this apartment I was so happy and relieved that I turned left right then instead of looking at traffic to see if it was safe. I totaled my friends car and the woman's who I hit. It was quite a scene I saw in the newspaper the next day.

   Yes, I still owe my friend a car. He knows the only way he'll ever see it is if I hit the lottery. He seems ok with this as I've said I'd buy him 3 cars as replacement . One day!

Sudbury Sudbury
46-50, M
Apr 12, 2010