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I was in a coma in Nov. 2010 from septic shock (you can read my story on the sepsis shock forum). I had vivid dreams and hallucinations while sleeping. I don't remember people talking to me or particular procedures being done. I have traced some dreams and hallucinations to particular events that happened to me. At times I felt like I was in hell. One dream was that I was in the hospital, but at night when all the families and day staff left, the night staff moved all the patients to the basement and left us there. People were screaming for help and crying, it was dark and wet. I tried to tell my family but they didn't believe me. Another dream has me laying on the beach relaxing. I still have these dreams, no matter what my mind frame is when I go to sleep, they creep in. Sometimes I dread going to bed, because I know I'll be up in a few hours reliving my illness. I was just wondering if anyone else had the same experience. People always say they can hear and feel things while in a coma, I didn't, is that weird?
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I had crazy hallucinations, too, some of which I was tied up and left for the night screaming for help. In some I was back in my apartment in my hospital bed, tied down. Most were of people and ducks wrapped in shrouds carrying a dead loved one. I thought there was a man standing behind my bed all the time, even after I woke up and there were babies in my bed. Most of the hallucinations were like something out of Alice in Wonderland, bazaar images with no known basis. Everything was so real and the hallucinations became pet of my permanent memory, as if it had really happened. All of the hallucinations were extremely stressful to me.

I didn't know if people were in my room and I only remember 2 procedures, but those were distorted from what actually happened. I'll never know the truth...i still learn little bits here and there and it I 3 1/2 years later.

When I opened my eyes, my mom was there. This did not surprise me. I sensed her presence in the form of comfort. She lives in MO, me CA. I didn't even know she knew where I was.

Coma: Crazy trippy experience. I assume my mind was shutting down with my body. I was dying.

I was in a coma in 2009. I too had some hallucinations but also experienced something very real. I was induced into a coma because the doctor accidentally perforated colon and didn't catch it. I was rushed into the emergency room 48 hours after the initial surgery which was a laparoscopy.some of the things I suffer with now are extremely pain from surgeries, loss of memory, when talking, it's like someone puts a stop sign up and I'm lost, can't remember daily things but can remember certain childhood memories or I can have answers to question pop into mind, I say them but for get moments later what I said. Then I wonder how I knew it. tendency to drift off, inability to concentrate, listen or pay attention for more than a few seconds and much more. I had very vivid dreams and some I believe to be real, I was close to death.I am so sorry, that you have to endure what you were enduring. Your life as you know it was taken from you and all you can do is live everyday. unfortunately, I had six surgeries to correct all of the problems which led to my suffering.I suffer now with chronic pain, memory loss, and so much more. I asked for help for so long and went to so many doctors, and hospitals, and specialists. It was very depressing andcaused many anxieties. I also have two kinds of recalled mesh in me and my lower abs are so full of scar tissue, they said it would like be like doing a surgery in a blizzard, or with their eyes closed.I think the best advice I was given, is 2 try and heal emotionally. though it has been hard, especially being judged or feeling judged by both family and friends, no one can see pain, pain is very lonely. Don't feel alone in your experience, I experienced both beautiful and scary things. I think my mind created a reality I could deal with, I could feel people's presence.I wish I could tell the world about what I went through and support others while getting support myself.God gave me a second chance and I'm taking it!

I had a similar experience. I lost my airway, was malnourished and became septic. My dreams were nightmares. Not as bad as your basement story however. The worst part was I believed I had 2 men to the right of me in a room. They were fighting, hitting each other with sticks and such. There was a window in my room that had a blind to cover the room next to me. Once I was back, day nine, the men were stealing all the wet suckers in the hospital. I was so thirsty and could not get help to stop the fighting and to go to their room for the moisture pops for me. I even tried to pay someone to help me. Staff said I was delerious...crazy ****. My coma was an Rx error over a 6 week period. One wacked out ride for sure. I could have written your story with all the bad dreams. Seems it was the proponal and other drugs that messed up my mind. I ended up with brain damage, ruined organs, diabetes, blindness (correctable) and more. Sounds like we will both be 4 this summer. My transport, that I only remeber being tossed into the ride, was on July 1st, 2010. I told the neuro that it was 2012 and that I was here to help all the survivors...not true! lol

My son was in an indused coma because of sepsis. His organs were all shutting down. He told me stories a very close to the ones you are talking about.

In Dec. 2008 I suffered an allergic reaction to azithromycin and developed sepsis/septic shock. I too felt like I was in hell. I would jump between the "darkness" and the "light." I was ways searching for my husband and children. I could envision them nearby but could never be in the same room, except for only one time when i felt and could see my husband, but there was an angel nurse and a demon nurse nearby. The angel nurse would always stay close. I could see loved ones and friends, but I could not comminicate. I felt trapped, scared and alone. I could not see or feel God. I could not think of Him either. I did feel the angel of death. I try to forget the bad and I thank God I can feel, see and think of Him now. I was discharged two days before Christmas. :-)

Thanks for sharing.I kept it bottled up inside because when I advised staff about feeling put away in a dark room where the other patients and I could hear and when the door was open we could see people who were actually staff.I also had dreams we were given new drugs that were still being tested(like pigs).Anyway ,I was told I was wrong! Had other weird dreams as well that were very vivid and I guess I will live with that as well.Thanks for listening and sharing.

I had the same dreams when I was in my coma. Not the exact same place or situation but I had the most horrible nightmares and like you traced some of them back to certain situations that occurred during my coma. As my family told me stories about what happened when I was in my coma I could connect them to the nightmares. My coma was from the first of Aug. 2008 until mid Sept 2008. two and a half months and even more of my memory from that time is gone. The memory gap seems to get bigger the further away from the event that I get. I'm sure that it will level out but I just don't know when or what I'm going to be left with. My coma was also due to sepsis. I would like to share stories if you would.

I am looking to share stories to give and gain support for my life changing induced coma. My transport was July 1st, 2010. I lost my airway due to a dose error, then sepsis, diabetes, blindness (corrected now) and more...Sort of wrecked my health and I have trouble telling real from unreal these days. Finally discovered that my brain was damaged and am finally working with a group that helps folks like me. Hope this finds you well. Janice

I too was in a coma for 9 days from bilateral septic pneumonia and shock in August 2010. I remember nothing except one dream/experience. As I was coming out if it, I felt thought I was in a Chinese hospital in the ba<x>sement with beds on dirty sand and water. No one would listen to me or could not hear me. I felt I was wondering around looking for a pillow and something to drink. But all I could find were pillow cases full of body parts. Weird. My fiancé told me that I would sometimes open my eyes and squeeze her hand while I was out but I don't recall any if that. Nor do I recall choking on all of the tubes down my throat. Contorting and gagging violently. (as ive been told). My recovery was hard and I am so greateful to be alive because the doctors and nurses thought i wasnt going to make it. It is a very scary experience to go through. I consider us lucky and survivors.

WOW!!! So relieved I'm not the only one! I also dreamed I was married (I've never been) and he left when I got sick. I believed it when I woke up. No one said anything about my "husband" so I didn't either. I thought it would upset people! It wasn't for about 4 weeks that I finally cleared the fog from my brain and realized it wasn't true.<br />
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I wonder why we both dreamed of being moved at night and felt cold? Interesting.

I can really relate to your coma experience. I too went into a coma after septic shock following a gall bladder operation. I feel that i dreamed constantly while int the coma, it felt like that I was in another reality and getting on with my life.My husband told me that occasionally I would open my eyes but the nurses told him that it was just a reflex and I was not seeing anything. However I feel that I did see for a few seconds because the nurses in my dream were the same nurses that were there when I woke up. You mentioned that you dreamed that all the patients were put into the ba<x>sement at night, I dreamed that the patients were put outside the door into a yard at night and I remember feeling really cold and wanting to go back indoors. I am a dog lover and dreamed all the time that a woman came into the hospital at night and dogs used to sleep on her bed.While in the coma I dreamed that I was in a hospital,I even remember the name of the fictitious hospital and when I came home I was so convinced that the hospital was real that as soon as I was able to I looked it up on google, of course it did not exist.When I woke up I was convinced that my dreams were real and it took weeks before I finally could figure out what was real and what was not.

Read your coma story. I was placed in a coma on full life support on July 1st 2010. I still do not know what is real. My family tells me stories and they kept a journal during my 12 day stay. Mine was a dose error of estradiol at 4x the highest recommended dose. No one caught it and it is a pure miracle that I made it through. It took 4 hours to vent me due to swelling of my throat. I also became septic, diabetic, loss of eyesight (fixed now) and so much more. Strange scary dreams. I still believe that I fell out of the ICU bed the first night. A nurse told me I had to be tied up due to falling out of bed. No one remembers it happening. I was a code blue twice and the third one was my fault. I guessed I somehow pushed the code button. I remember saying, "it that for me" while the nurse was angered that I had pushed the button somehow. I didn't see the charge for it so maybe it did not happen! I questioned the blood cost to discover that is what actually saved my life. Once I started to read my 864 page records, I discovered what happened. They thought it was self inflicted, which has never been part of my mindset.

Sorry to hear about your traumatic experience. I know how you feel,even now, 4 years later,I still have flashbacks.