My Life In A Coma

I was wearing a fentalyn patch for pain. I tried to do some gardening in the hot sun of Houston, Texas in July. I went to bed and didn't wake up. I was transported to a hospital many hours later. I was non responsive, in a coma. My liver and kidneys failed. I got pneumonia. My family was told I wouldn't make it. While in the coma, I lived an alternate life. My husband died in a car accident, among other new realities. I woke from the coma two weeks later, very confused. Not knowing that my coma life was not reality. I had no control over my bowels, I was extremely afraid and no one understood. I thought my husband had died and managed to communicate that. My neurologist thought I was out of my mind because he knew my husband was alive. I was terribly mistreated by nurses and a respiratory therapist because they thought I was so out of it that they could be abusive and I wouldn't remembeer. It was a nightmare in that pathetic excuse for a community hospital. I now suffer from PTSD from the abuse I suffered from two husbands and also that experience in that Hell hole after my coma. I don't think I will ever be at peace again. No one should have to suffer as I did at the hands of people who are supposed to help you. Shame on you, Bayshore hospital Pasadena, Texas
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I was treated the same way before I completely slipped under. I was so dehydrated after 5 days of not able to eat or drink they had to run a central line and the second I saw the eyes of the 'surgeon (or whatever he was called!) I knew I was about to go through hell!! I was completely aware of what they were doing & saying about me. I was a guinea pig - a class experiment for students to write a paper on!! They all watched & one even said "she can feel that" when I managed to look at her & somehow flinch. I was stuck 3 times into the arterys on my arms & my mother finally believed me when I was able to pull back the sleeve of my gown when I woke up showing her the marks & bruises. She informed me they caused a staph infection to further complicate things. Later on, I could hear remarks of two nurses & waking up remembered their voices & saw who they were. Your hearing is the last to go & A's a registered EMT know to NEVER underestimate the power of the mind & body.

Hi there! I am working on a documentary TV show that centers around people who have had shocking/unexpected things happen to them. Falling into a coma and the events that happened during and after seem like a story we would like to tell. If you are interested, I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at or give me a call at 718-422-0704 Ext. 314. Your story will be treated with the utmost respect. Thank you! Lauren Levine

wow,i lived a ten year lie.grew up had hurt, every thing that a life of hurt and pain i had the age of 23 i woke up to being me ..a 13 year old..where the hell are my kids... im crazy to think i have three kids at 13. but that was my chance to grow up i think.. maybe i was not going to make it so god let me live and make choices..too bad i came out of it,cause i miss my babys sooo much its unreal..they are not real..i feel the love and remember their faces and hugs,kisses..