The Last Thing I Needed

Okay, to make things easier on me, you can call me Kai.
Overall my life has been one terrifing ride-like a rollarcoaster you can't get off of.
Not long ago at all, I was in a car accident. In all honesty, I don't remeber much about the actual crash-just loud car horns, then an EMT sitting beside me, in a rush and paniced. I remember trying to ask him what was wrong, but I just couldn't get the words out.
I think that falling into the coma was the scariest part of the whole event... it was like a heavy mist, or fog was slowly curling around me, dragging me into a dream....for lack of a better explaination, imagine if Alice was captured, and dragged away, fighting every step of the way before being forced into the rabbit hole. Being in the coma was really just like being in a dream-I could hear people talking to you from outside the dreamit was like a distant echo though... not like hearing someone standing right beside me. When in the coma,time didn't matter or exist-it was just a long dream I couldn't wake up from. I think that I could feel my guardian holding my hand, but I couldn't identify what the feeling was...
Waking up was both the best, and worst part. I could finally open my eyes, just to want to squeeze them shut again and fall back to sleep. The terrible pain of all the tubes and needles they put in me-it was unbearable. I was begging myself to fall back asleep and forget the whole thing, the never ending dream was better than that. But the doctors wouldn't let me sleep, they swarmed on me, asking questions at the same time, all trying to get me to do their demands.
"Can you move your arms Kai?"
"Can you speak kai?"
"How many fingers am I holding up Kai?"
I didn't want to answer them-my whole body hurt from both my injuries I obtained in the crash 5 weeks ago, and the tubes inside me.

Being in a coma was one of the strangest expiriences ever....And I hope to never fall into one again.
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Hey was in a diabetic coma for 2 weeks. I can relate with that dream you cant wake up from feeling.

I have a question though, did you have an out of body experiences before you became unconscious?

Also I felt pretty damn lonely while going though mine, like there was no one their with me, just these beings that i was shaping with my intent and desire, or inner pain, thought the pain and horror wouldn't end, I suppose you could call it hell.

Even though this happened over 10 years ago, it will always be me. My question is though, where was this light everyone talks about, how come i didnt have angels with me, where was Jesus?

Fact is its all made up by Man, those figures, safe for Jesus as i believe he was real, just a raving lunatic or cult leader Lol.

Thanks for sharing. I often wondered through like what being in coma I have a better idea now. Thanks.