As A Child, I Was In A Coma For A Week. I Remember....

As a child, I was in a coma for a week. I remember....

I was five years old. It was after a terrible accident.

No sight. No physical sensations. Only a feeling of being suspended in black darkness, and voices. Sometimes they were close, other times they were echoes far away from me, in the great distance, out of reach.

These were the voices of my family members and the doctors/surgeons/ nurses caring for me at the time.

I held on most of all to my mother's voice, recognized it, snapped to attention whenever she spoke. She was singing to me. ( She was actually singing because my doctors assured her I could her and she should talk to me regularly for that reason).

It was the voices I heard that I held on to, reached out, strained to awaken to. But for some reason I was not able to awaken. I felt grief and frustration and anger. For a long time, I fought to reach out and respond to the voices. I cried out to them, I could hear them, I said. I heard them.

I thought I was speaking out loud but my speech was only loud thoughts in my brain. Always, I receded into quiet darkness, into a void. It was a subconscious struggle for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, after seventh day, I opened my eyes. Before I opened my eyes, my sensation of the physical world came back to me. My body screamed, as if being hit by a train wreck.

I looked around at the medical person and my mother, who sat at my bed side.

My mother burst into hysterical tears.

She shouldn't cry, I thought. I'm okay. Why is she crying?

I couldn't spoke or move for days but recovered several days later. It was a true miracle.

I later learned about the kindness of strangers, about the masses of people praying for me all over the world.

One thing I was grateful for and appreciated a great deal in those days was that my parents were never alone in their time of need and emotional turmoil.

I could say to you right now I died and came back. But, it was not death. It was a peaceful, silent void I found myself encased in when in a coma. It felt like a protective void.

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Thank you for sharing how you felt while in coma. I didn't know that feelings existed in a coma state. This helped me understand better about comas.

The sense of hearing still exists at different levels during a coma, from my experience

I was out 4 days. I don't remember anything. I do know that soon later on that something good happened...that there is an afterlife, although I saw nothing, I felt everything...