21 Days And 15 Days In Coma And I Survived. Had Some Good Experiences

I am a renal patient and been on dialysis since mid of 2011. While on dialysis suddenly my blood pressure started fluctuating and experiencing severe headache. I tried to consult in A and E. But found no problem at all. But on 2nd of november while at home ( i dont remember since) I had seizure and fell down. I was taken to ICU because i stopped responding. My brain was swollen like a pumpkin. Every possible treatment was given to me. Trachea was inserted, ECD pipe was inserted to my brain to drain out the fluids out of my brain. lastly, doctors gave up and started sympathizing my family. After some weeks 40ml of fluids dramatically came out of my brain and i survived and beat the coma. I will add more when time allows me. thanks if you are reading it.
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how long were you without oxygen? My mother is now in a coma and diagnosed with severe brain injury. Dialysis doctors are giving up. I'm torn in between.

I can tell you I remember alot more than people thought I would. They had me in a very deep coma and actually had to receive dialysis 24 hours a day because of the amount of drugs I was being give to keep me "under" I have a dream almost every night about waking up and I can feel the breath leaving my body and I am starting to panic I can see the nurse behind the window and she's doesn't know I am in trouble, I feel the breath leaving my body and as the last little bit is leaving I am at peace and then an army of medical staff come flying in and it goes black and I wake in a ball of sweat and unable to breath. But I can tell you what my room looks like I see I can hear every sound. I remember at times being very angry at people because I could hear them talking to me but couldn't understand why they couldn't hear me, I remember yelling "I'm right here why can't you hear me". I can remember how loud it was in my room, but I can hear the nurses talking to me I even named one of them "hot mama" cause she kept talking about her bike. I remember another nurse talking to me about a long lost child she had given up for adoption and she knew they were all grown up and was thinking about finding them but wasn't really sure her husban didn't know about this child that she had when she was a child and given up for a better life. She would go on about her thoughts and feelings about it. There are other nurses I can hear there voices but can't make out what here saying. It makes me so mad when you watch Tv and you see story's of people being comas and they get out of bed and walk right away or they have special powers...please. Dealing with my coma has been the hardest thing I have every had to deal with. Not just the learning to swallow and talk, walk and take care of myself again. The hardest part for me is the things that hit me unexpected like a smell that triggers a memory or the sound of boiling water and a flash of being in that room. But the nightmares have to be the worst I can't remember the last night I slept through the night. Dreams of not being able to move or talk. I remember I had been awake for a coupe of weeks but still on vent and I had lost so much muscle that I couldn't even move my arms, and I couldn't talk because of the vent in my neck and I was cold and I had no way to tell my family I was cold somehow I was able to get accross to my mother that i wanted to write and tell her what i wanted and she kept trying to tell me that I wouldn't be able to and it made me very angry so my mother decided to prove it to me. I will never forget this, I wrote on that paper "im cold" and to me it made total since but to her it was a bunch of lines, it was as if I was 2 years old and was scribbling on paper. I was so fustrated and so mad and couldn't understand why my mother couldn't read my note.

I am in the film industry and am looking to make an independent film which the lead character is comatose for 7 years and then returns to find what he has lost. I am very intersted in reading, and or interviewing post coma individuals, such as yourself, for answers and info.. Please let me know if you'd be interested. Thanks

Thank you so much this is truly inspiring, as i read your story it mimics my mother's experience. I would like to know how many weeks you were in your coma, my mother's experience just happened 3/15, exactly as you mentioned in your story. God has put your story in my pathway...THank You For Sharing.

I am also on dialysis and I was in a coma for 21 weeks. I had received a kidney transplant from my best friend and 16 months after the transplant I experienced some problems with the transplanted kidney and was admitted to the hospital where trying to save the kidney I got Legionaries disease and was put in a chemically induced coma that I stayed in for 21 weeks. My family was given no hope and stressed to my family that they needed to shut the machines off that I would never leave that room. I have been trying to find someone who has been in coma to find out there experience. No one knows what it's like to wake up after to have all that missing time and to remember things that make no since to you.....

I can relate to waking up and trying to wrap your head around missing time. I really really really struggled with it for the first few years after my coma. I have since resigned myself that its just gone.....Every now and again, something from history or even my life comes up and I dont remember it. If it happened during my coma period, I have no memory of it. The dreams I had in the coma were extroidinarily vivid, like watching a movie. The dreams still dont make any sense though.

Would love to hear if you remember anything about your dreams and what you do remember.

Dear rgoatj.
I have just got out of hospital after 4.5 months. In that time I had 5 weeks in a coma and the dreams are very vivid and very varied. Most of them have a feeling of being held hostage by someone, but others were flying planes or being in a samurai in computer game. Very strange but I have started to write them down and accept what has happened to me. I still have a struggle walking but each week is better than the previous

Hi, Yes I remember being hostaged and met people like not exactly the figure but long balck clothed figure and face like half round coloured (pink, brown, balck, red) having balck eyed, tyring to kill me and i was literally scared of those people or whatever they were. Some authority who runs the world was a group of people who drinks their own and others urine. They were the richest people who has big earth shaped ship rounding up people from one place to other. i saw fish flying over in the sky. Big centipede like animal looks like mamoth but huge can carry thousands of men. And a swordsman fully ironed clothed trying to kill me. But there goes something like disfunctioning of the ship and i was convicted of the plotting to make it disfunction. I saw the golden statue which was later on destroyed because of me, i dont know how i was involved in destroying it. There was 2300 of the decendents of those ruling people of the earth. Each and everyone was destroyed. But when i woke up i saw small golden statue and one black dressed person stalking. I remember i was killed but very next time i was saw i am still alive. The mamoth like animal centipede was also killed. I was flying with a figure which was very bright and over the mountains and seas. i also the people lined up to go some where towards bright light and people were fighting to get ahead fastly. i saw a man like bright figure sorting out and managing the line and told me, "Hey what are you are doing here, you were suppose to stay back". i saw earth was like a full black ball and i became a big lion running over the earth over and over again. Also, i was tied up in an ancient like a bed along with the dead peopl all around me. I was saying " i am not dead", but there was no one around to listening to me.
If i remember anything i will post it again. thanks if you read it.