Coma 21 Weeks..Given No Hope!

I am 32 years old and I have a wonderful 12 year old daughter and on my 26th birthday I was in a Coma and was told by all doctor's that I would never wake up. Dr. stood in my room and told my parents that I would never open my eyes, I would never leave that room that I was gone. How wrong they were!
In Feb. 2005 my very close friend donated a kidney to me after being on dialysis for a year. It was an amazing gift and was very happy to have my life back. However Dr. didn't prepare me for everything that comes with a transplant. They tell you the risks but nothing could prepare me for what I went through. About a year and half after getting my transplant I put my daughter on the bus for her first day of Kindergarden and went for a routine check up for my kidney. Dr admitted me in what I was assured would be just a procaution. Better be safe than sorry right? No exactly, one night turned into months. Dr. said I was rejecting the kidney and was given a drug that lowered my amune system to the point that I got Legionnaires Pneumonia and put into a medically induced coma. I had at one point 6 drains coming out of my chest. Dr's would continue to tell my family that there was no hope yet after being in a coma for 21 weeks I did wake up, I went on to rehab where I learned to walk again now almost 7 years later I am living my life, I live in my home with my daughter. I still struggle everyday with what happened to me but I live my life and take care of my daughter. I recently got put on the Kidney transplant waiting list which is also something Dr. said I would never be able to do. I still have issues that I have to deal with and it's hard to explain to someone who has never been in a coma. My family and friends sat at my bedside for months praying for me to wake up and when I did there hell was over they went on with there lives, my hell was just begining. They had 21 weeks to cope with what was going on I on the other hand had no idea what had happened. I thought the nurses were being mean to me telling me that months had gone by, and I was so angry and my family kept saying your awake you should be happy. My mother recently said to me "we went through hell, you had it easy you slept through it" I to this day wake up in the night unable to breath, I hear the sound of the alarms going off, I can remember being so mad at my family cause they were talking to me like I wasn't listening and fustrated cause I couldn't tell them I could hear them. I can't have anything touching my neck or I feel like I can't breath. I can't even boil water because it reminds me of the drains. Then there is the emotional part, time I missed with my daughter. 5 years old she should be worrying about who she's gonna sit next to at lunch and instead she would worry about getting off bus to find out that her mother had passed away. The guilt I feel for her having to go through that, or all the worrying that I put my family through. Then there is the part that questions why me, why did I survive is there a purpose should I be doing more with my life? I could really use someone to talk to that understands and can tell me what they rememeber about there coma.
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Oh my... we have had a similar experience! Right after my 23rd birthday I was in a coma for 2 1/2 months... I had been taking immune suppressant drugs to keep my lupus from damaging my kidneys and then developed a terrible pneumonia. I became unconscious and put on a breathing machine.The medical team didn't think I would make it and induced a deeper coma to make my body stop fighting the machines. I had the chest drains too and the trachea to keep me breathing. My kidneys actually failed but they gave me dialysis and miraculously they came back. When I woke up I thought I'd had a kidney transplant, I didn't know what was going on, but then I saw the summer Olympics on the television. I had gone into the hospital at the end of March so I knew time had passed. Learning to walk again was so hard! My bones had become so weak I easily fractured some vertebrate.
My family was supportive during and after. My friends not so much. But because I've had illness all my life it's like those close to me have gotten 'used to' the fact that I have health ups and downs. I'm independent but it's hard coping with it on a daily basis sometimes. I don't have a child like you, but please try to not feel guilty... it's much better that you had to leave her for a while to get better and ultimately came back to her than if you hadn't survived. I remember very little but have a few neat stories I could share. I also searched for reasons why I survived as well... after all this time (25 years now) I don't think it's for a specific reason. It can be if you want to do something specific but really it was your will to live for your daughter, and the help it gives others by sharing your story, and even the help it gives to the medical world to improve their treatments, and for your ability to see how precious life is and to share that knowledge. Thank you for your story! It's a rare thing to be able to relate to someone about this experience.