I Took An Overdose.

A few weeks ago, I had a traumatic experience because of my brother snogging me and everything which I could not control. My depression got worse after that and eventually, I took 48 sleeping pills. My mate found out and called an ambulance. I was proper sedated and was hallucinating and everything, it was horrible. They said I was fine and wanted to discharge me but kept me in another 24 hours to ensure I was ok. Well after 6 hours, I had a brain aneurysm, my blood pressure shot to 187/140 and my heart was deteriorating so they had to induce me into a coma to see if that would help. They didn't think I would survive and even asked me to write a will. It was really really scary. They were only going to give me an hour and if there was no improvements then that would be it. But luckily, during that hour, I was fine so they took me out of the coma and started recovering from there and now I am perfectly fine. I cannot believe I was in a coma, luckily it was only induced so it's not as dangerous but it was still a very scary experience and will definitely not be doing that ever again! I am so happy to be alive :)
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You would have went to hell, not fire and demons, but your own personnel hell.

As I survivor of a coma, and several suicide attempts after it, your damn soul remembers and records all that pain, as the actual feeling and just overall yuck when you die, unless your like me and said **** it life sucks and there is no god and heaven or hell is what you make it, then sure freely let yourself go, but dont have regrets and pain and hurt towards yourself, cause your inner voice inside wont forgive you! oh the pain the horror, there is worse things you can imagine then physical pain..
The endless emotional torture that WONT STOP.

Its as real as anything, just not physical reality, but its the afterlife, and boy oh boy I got a taste of it. And could honestly give a **** less, after you go through that, the whole out of body, then the PURGE A TORY, you could do anything, you become immortal in a sense and fearless, because you know without a doubt that you are eternal, and very ALONE. I don't believe the whole, "we are all one" blah blah blah.

As you can tell I do still have some issues from my experience.

Anyone who loves animals as much as you do, needs to stick around to be a role model to others. Please don't underestimate the value that you add to this world. I've never met you but can honestly say to you "I care" and for you...a very special long distance HUG.

Ben (UppaUS)

Don't worry, I plan on sticking around now I know i have so many animals to care for, they really bring joy in my life and I am finally happy :)

you need to take care of you beauty, im happy ur fine now i really wish i was your boyfriend.

You had a very special angel watching over you and trying to protect you. You are a very special person who has been given another chance to live a bright future. I do wish you luck in being special to some one else. who needs you to be there for them. I am always there with you in spirit. I keep trying to fight the angel of _________, to protect you. Please be careful. there is another one who also needs your help. please be there for them.

Yeah, my nan said there is someone definitely watching over me and I believe her. I can't believe I survived and how quickly I recovered. Thank you, I really appreciate it, you really are a good friend.

Thank God you came through that, the world is better with you in it, no problem is too big to deal with, I don't know what your brother was thinking and what he did was inappropriate but it can be dealt with. I'm so glad you said you will never be doing that again.

Yeah I am so glad I'm alive and are able to move on and deal with things better now so I will be fine now.