Pregnant And In Acoma

Last summer, I was 26 weeks pregnant and very healthyish as had developed gestational diabetes, low blood pressure and walking up to 14 miles per day to control blood sugars but was utterly exhausted, working a very busy and physical job at a school for children and young adults with autism. I struggled to gain any weight and keep blood sugars under control. 1 jacket potato with cheese would require a minimumvof a 5 mile power walk to get readings within acceptable parameters. Is been well until I had a fall whilst on a post lunch walk at work.allound as I was flying through the air sand crashing to the floor I didn't slip or trip I felt like i'd momentarily zoned out but drs found nothing wrong and baby fine. 2 weeks later whilst having 'rudies' with my husband. Had 2 ******* and immediately felt like i'd been hit around the head with a concrete block. Very similar to brain freeze. I was rushed to hospital where I had a brain scan that showed a 5 inch clot on my brain I then apparently had a massive heammorhage and slipped into a coma, was put in a medically induced coma to stop me coming round whilst I was on life support. What was it like? Confusing like being in a terribly long and vivid dream. I remember vague incidents that turned out to be conversations thatvi incorporated into my dreams. I knew on one level that something very bad had happened I knew it was a brain haemmorhage. I am also an occupational therapist and is worked in Neuro rehab so I was processing conversations and distorting them wildly. These dreams are more vivid than anything.
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Oh my! I am so sorry that happened to you. I am also thrilled you have clearly recovered.