I Have Tryed To Tell My Story .... A Few Word's Not Wright ,, Not Going To Fight It

was in coma for 16 day's. had 20% of one lung left, told them I would be fine, as I told my husband ever since I was 15 , said if it happens , don't give up I will be OK! just new!! in my thought's for 30 year's , this was going to be & no dough I would be fine. at 45 one year after my mom passed almost to the day ......went to see my son at fort drum, new York, mining for dimond's well I got leigenaires from that guess what, yep coma! well for 16 day's I heard his & my dad's voices & I always thought next time I will fight harder they will come get me........ every day I tried so hard in my mind there was nothing wrong with me, I was fine . they just had to take me home. the morning the were going to put a trig in me, I woke up & all I could do is point at my ear & hand trying to say call len, call len! the one nurse that I thought was holding me captive was the one who got her phone & let me say to leonard--I WONT YOU. I still wake up screaming but not so often after 4 year's. there is so much more to the story, thing's I remember thing's I seen, would love to tell about the purple wall.
lscchrzan lscchrzan
46-50, F
Jul 17, 2013