Nearly 20 years ago. I left a party after fighting with a friend. At least that is what I was told. On the way home I crashed my car into some 70s LTDs parked at a Carlotta. Another friend discovered the accident, but couldn't even recognize me.

I was comatose a couple weeks. The doctors had told my folks that my chances of survival were slim. After I stabilized, they said I would never wake up. When I awoke (I don't remember waking), docs said I would be paralyzed on my left side forever and would have the brain capacity of a 5 year old. 2 months later , I walked back into college. 6 months later I graduated with a degree in physics. Now 18 years later I am vp of a very successful software company.

My first memory after the wreck was laying in bed trying to move my hands up and down at the same speed, but being unable. I had three strokes that paralyzed my side for a while.

I healed mentally and physically rather quickly, but I was an emotional basket case for a long time (like 10-15 years). I still might be f-ed up, hard to tell from the inside.

The accident was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, though. My lens was totally reshaped. It made me an entirely different person. I have been very YOLO since.

I am a crazy freak for passion and physical intimacy now. It doesn't even have to be sex. I am a nice looking guy with a good sense of humor, so meeting women isn't difficult. It scares me though because the touch of a woman drives me insane and has ever since to wreck. I risk everything I hold dear for one more kiss. I don't even regret afterward.

I am married with children.
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36-40, M
May 23, 2014