After a reckless and idiotic night I realized I will never do it again. Being drugged up and basically suffocating I shortly felt dead. This was the most surreal feeling in the world. I literally saw my whole life and how every thing connected and made sense. I didn't realize I wasn't around anymore until many many stages. I can't exactly describe in words what I went through but I could feel my body becoming sand and wind and then I kept whirling into life's stages. I even felt myself in my mothers stomach which was the most comforting feeling. Then growing up and meeting all the people I did and all of them were for a reason that I can't remember why any more. My little cousin was right there with me and she was rubbing my back and talking to me which made me feel like I could flip back into reality. I wanted to scream to her and tell her to keep talking to me because she was the one thing that was helping me get out of this coma. When she started there was this weird force pulling on my skeleton trying to keep me in this other realm. I was fighting so hard to stay alive but I absolutely wouldn't have been able to do it if she stopped rubbing my back and talking to me. Although I could physically see her. Her hand felt like the most spiritual and heavy touch I've never felt before. It's like she burned me but it didn't hurt it felt amazing. I felt my family's hands and everything on my arms and I could hear my mom crying but I was stuck where I was. I was having weird feelings and had to literally spin and roll out of this realm every time I would roll my body over I was closer and closer to getting back to earth. This experience has left me feeling not myself anymore. I want to talk about it with someone but I feel like no one would ever believe me or being to even be able to grasp what I'm trying to say. I just know I am taking it all in still and not able to get over this experience. I'm more scared and more appreciative right now. I've traveled so much in my coma and couldn't ever be in one place for long. The people around me kept me very paranoid and wouldn't let me know what's going on. They wanted me to stay with them although I wanted to get back to my family. All I know is if anyone is ever in a coma keep your hands on them and keep talking to them. Feed them if you can and give them water. Because that is what helped me get out of whatever it was that I was in. I felt like it was a coma but at the same time I wasn't sure. I just know that I really believe deep down I've experience death and life all over again.
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I know EXACTLY what you went through!! It took me a long time to talk about & start asking questions about what I had saw (literally from the beginning of time, how/why religions split up or divided (there's no sign up there saying u have to follow this certain belief or way to get into heaven - or hell - which I didn't completely think existed to the extent I saw when I was there), how things like, for instance, land & other things that caused greed & waged wars over the ages came and went in cycles (ie- history repeats itself), I saw the end of this world and what brought us down along with the ones that would 'survive' or make it & the ones who would be 'gone' (only a handfull would fall in between and have a chance to even possibly survive and remain & somehow I was one of the few that wasn't too far gone). It would take a thousand pages to write out all of the details of these events but they all fell perfectly into place and made sense. Also, I saw my mother and father (she was freaked out to say the least when I told & showed her what she & my dad were wearing that day & an incident that happened in the waiting room 5 floors down) & when I heard their voices saying that as soon as I was 'better' they would be waiting on me to come back home. That was the turning point of deciding whether I would return or not (I always strongly believed e-one has a certain amount of time here but I KNEW I didn't have to return - the choice was mine). The last place I was at was walking along a 'shoreline' (it was all dark & I couldn't see but I could if that makes sense!!). There was water where the shore was to my left and hell was directly to my right. The heat from it wasnt like what the movies make it out to be. It wasn't even visible for one, but it was a heat never felt on this earth or in life. After walking along the shore, I don't know how long it was but I was woke up by the ICU nurse & remember staring into her eyes & looking over to see my mom & this bright green (almost glowing) pendant she had on that reminded me of a cool refreshing lake & the vivid color keeping my attention and from slipping back under. Her and my fathers faces were the only plain ones I could see. The rest were hundreds of 'figures' all around in a color I doubt I could even attempt to mix or duplicate. I think they were other souls either in a coma or (heaven forbid!!) in limbo. If seen while awake you would probably be terrified but there was no fear, no pain (also, no 'body' to feel it!) & a-thing I wondered or wanted to know or ask was done telepathically - no actual speaking of words, only thoughts. I know every experience is different but a lot of my beliefs have became compromised from what I saw and have made me question my beliefs, I now think there's possibly different levels of life/afterlife. Either way, from our beginning to terrifying end it made perfect sense & I do believe I walked out of hell along that shore before I woke up. My feet burned & swelled for days after & there were blisters on my feet when I woke up on fathers day - June 21st of this year!! Please let me know if this helps or makes sense (for either of us!) because I really want to tell my story also...