When It All Seems Just Too Much

I'm not absolutely sure what triggers them other than possibly feeling of elation the day prior. Its like my whole world has turned on me and i cant cope with any situation of life i am presently facing.
I totally isolate and hide from any form of contact from any other human. I close window curtains and lock doors. I don't attempt to attend any usual arrangement i have for that day. I feel unworthy of anything. I carry a feeling of doom and hopelessness possesses my very existence. Its so real to me.
I wallow around in self doubt and a type of fear.    When i am going through this, it is so very real and fully justified.
Then the next morning i wake up and everything is just fine and dandy. I'm back to normal again with life as a pleasant breeze. 
lafsnack lafsnack
51-55, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

Maybe this time you knew what was up ahead - and now that time has come you might not need to be reigned with reminders. Maybe you can just allow yourself to be. Xx