"gang Fight"

When i was about 16, i hung around with a gang. We werent all that hardcore or nothing, it was just a label to make us feel tougher about ourselves. Well we went to a soccor tournament. Just about all the asian people go to this event. They have soccor tournaments, asian food, cloths, movies, music, and dances. Well we saw this other guy who was in a rival gang. He was short and with his girlfriend. We were going to jump him but i felt really bad about jumping people. to be honest i think i'm a really nice guy, so i told that kid to run like hell. So we let him go. Later on he got his friends and wanted to duke it out with our group. We were outnumbered and his friends were alot taller and older than us. We got behind some trucks and they were on one side and we were on the other. One guy on their side tried to call more of his friends and then he turned his back on his. So my buddy ran up and punched him in the back of the head. We had to do some kind of cheap trick because we were outnumbered almost 1:2. Then we all jumped in and threw punches and kicks at that one guy. well to my surprised alot of their guys took off. I was kind of confused but f-it not my problem. I looked around and my little bro was fighting this other guy that was much taller then him. My little bro was 14 so i was really pissed off. I grabbed the guys head and slammed him into the back of the truck. started punching him, then when he went down, i kicked him in the face a couple of times then another guy grabbed me and try to wrestle to me. I panicked so i called my older brother to help. He jumped in and i got loose. another guy try to run up on me and he got CHUCK NORRIS KICKED from the side LOL!! Someone yelled out security, then we all took off. I broke my hand pretty bad. Never doing that again. we were young and stupid. Were all older now and think back about all the stupid things we did as "gangsters" lol.
lorsive lorsive
22-25, M
Dec 2, 2012