I Was In a Flood In 2004

I live in PA and my Mom and I never thought we would be involved in a flood, but we turned out to be wrong.

In September of 2004, our house was engulfed by a flood that resulted from Hurricane Ivan. There is a large creek that is like 4 blocks down from us which flooded. We were among the lucky ones on our block i know, but it was still devastating. Our entire basement was flooded so we lost everything that was down there and 3 feet of water came up to the first floor of the house so we lost pretty much everything on the first floor. Luckily, my bedroom is on the 2nd floor so nothing up there got ruined, but my Mom's bedroom was effected.

We were lucky that we weren't killed in the flood as well cuz we got out at just the right moment. We drove down the street in 2 feet of water and i saw more water coming in behind us. It was a terrifying experience. I really hope I never have to go through it again.

We had volunteers in our family come to fix the place up and we had to stay with my older sister and her family for four months.  It was crowded and miserable for my Mom and I. I hated that time in my life. We used money from the government to fix the house up, but it wasn't really enough to replace everything.

Now we're still living in the house and it's pretty nice, but it still smells like flood water sometimes.

I often think back to the day of the flood and i wish that i would have done things differently so i could have saved more of our stuff from getting ruined.


alwaysalone alwaysalone
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Jun 19, 2008