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I met the love of my life when i was 15 and he was 16. We met through yahoo chat, back then facebook wasn't really around and myspace was just becoming popular. I remember the very first thing he ever said to me on yahoo, even 8 years later. Anyways, it started out just like any other online thing, I wasnt really serious or anything, and i had alot of different people on my yahoo friends list. But over time, we kept talking and we started really getting to know each other, confiding in each other. After a few months of talking over the computer through instant messaging, he told me that he thought he was developing serious feelings for me. At the time, i honestly didn't feel the same way. I liked him and considered him a friend, but because he was in Florida, and I was in Indiana, and we were both so young, its not something that i really was into. We started talking on the phone and at some point after that I started to develop intensely strong feelings for him as well. Before I knew it, i was HEAD OVER HEELS for this guy. He was all I could think about. We would spend entire nights on the phone, talking for 5 hours then falling asleep with the phone connected for another 3 hours. Sometimes i would wake up in the middle of the night, grab the phone, and it would still be connected and he would be snoring lol. We would call each other as soon as we woke up, and as soon as we got home from school. He truly became my best friend. As i progressed through high school, i was met with alot of temptations, some that i just didn't want to refuse because i was young and I wanted to experience things, and part of me felt like i was missing out on being a teenager. Part of me also felt that our relationship would never work out. So i did cheat on him, a few times, and i never told him about it. But thats not the moral of this story.

In 2007, a year after i graduated high school and 4 years after we met that day on yahoo chat, He wanted to fly me down to florida so we could FINALLY meet face to face. I was soooooo nervous.I remember i got to the airport and i was waiting on him to get there to pick me up. i was sitting in a chair with my head down and all of the sudden, someone sits down beside me and says, "You are so beautiful" I have never in my life felt more beautiful than that moment right there. Afterwords he took me to the ocean, (my first time ever seeing the ocean!) and there was were we had our first kiss. It was beautiful. We spent 4 days in a hotel, i met his family and some of his friends, and i fell even more in love with him during those 4 days, which i didnt even think was possible.

When it was time for me to come back home, we both cried at the airport. Not just a few tears, but sobs. We held each other, and he promised me that as soon as things were right, as far as money and his situation (at the time he was going through some stuff) that he would fly me back down and we could finally start our life together. I didnt wanna leave him but i had to. Once i got back home, i was completely depressed and completely focused on him and our future life together. I never cheated on him after i met him in person. I was too in love and our situation was too real for me to focus on anyone else.

In 2009, two years after we first met in person, i moved to Florida to be with him. Our situation is not ideal: we live with his parents and his extended family. I've been here a little over 2 years. We found out alot about each other once i moved down here, i admitted to cheating on him, he had cheated on me as well. When you are young and in a long distance relationship, IT IS UNREALISTIC TO THINK THAT THE OTHER PERSON WILL BE SEXUALLY FAITHFUL TO YOU. At least when you are as young as we are. Even then, its hard to remain sexually faithful because a body has needs and wants, and no matter how much you love that person, long distance relationships can take a toll on you. You become lonely, and you just want some sort of connection. I also learned alot about his personality that I didnt know before. He has a bit of an anger problem, in addition to being extremely lazy and spending way too much time on video games. But i have to say, i love this man with all my heart, and when it comes down to it, he's everything i ever wanted and expected him to be. He has the BIGGEST heart, and the kindest soul, and he takes care of me. He takes care of me in such a way that i never thought any man would be willing to. I honestly think one day we will get married and have kids.

The moral of my story is this: Long distance relationships are extremely hard, and they are NOT for everyone. I know cheating is a big issue in long distance relationships. When you are in that type of relationship, its all you think about "is he/she cheating on me, what are they doing right now, are there people interested in my bf/gf that i dont know about?" The answers to those questions may not be what you want to hear, but that does not mean that your relationship is not meant to be. I will say this: you never truly know somebody until you live with them. When it comes to LDR's you have to make alot of sacrifices but in my opinion, it is well worth it.
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