Never Say Never...

After ending a 35 year relationship with a man I realize now was a narcissist (I tend to see the good in others), a very kind English Gent showed up out of nowhere...on the internet. I wasn't even looking, I've always thought internet relationships were foolish but there were so many similarities in our stories and we want the same things in life.

I was drawn to his is British accent, his looks, his kindness, his FB page is as open as mine, he didn't appear to be hiding anything. I could verify everything he told me online, he made me feel desirable again. He tore down the walls that I had built up around my heart.

After telling me I appeared to be the perfect partner, he pulled away because he believes we would never get a chance to meet or ever be together...I felt and still feel so wounded but realistically I believe that he was a plant from the Universe, he showed up to teach me a lesson. Being consumed in a marriage where I didn't matter caused me to build so many walls around my heart and denied the person I was meant to be.

I keep telling myself that if it is really meant to be, we would be together...I'm still not looking but after our brief encounter, I know I wasn't meant to be alone. My heart aches for him, or someone a lot like him. I know that there is another man out there to share my life with, he will fall out of the sky, just like my English Gent did, he is looking for the same thing as me.

My partner will BELIEVE that nothing is impossible, he will BELIEVE that there are always possibilities and if it is meant to be, miracles can happen in an instant...even an ocean couldn't keep us apart...
LilaLeah LilaLeah
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1 Response Jan 28, 2013

sweet story, i wish you well. I too feel that love will come when you are not looking. God has a plan with us all. I am allowing myself to sit in bed for a while if that is what it takes, praying dailey that the good Lord will string me up and get me to enjoy life again. My #2x is getting married this week, Ive been sad, then mad,glad, sad, ok, wondering why her not me, but then today, maybe not later, i realized he was not love, he was abusive, no that you love would you throw down the steps, break their nose, and spit on them, that is not love, and even if "drunk" that is somthing wrong with him!, I guess I should be glad im away from him even though it is hard.