Got In Too Fast

 I was in a long distance relationship with a guy i met in singapore for 5 months.

I got into the whole thing too quickly. We only knew each other for a week. We were both in school trips and met up with each other and started to like each other. When we both came back to our respective countries, he in taiwan, me in malaysia. We started staying connected online and through sms. Before we knew it, we were suddenly together in an LDR.

skype helped us stay close and talk to each other and get to see each other. we were rlly happy with everythin the way it was. we sent packages to each other on holidays and we were honest and could really bond with each other.

the biggest issue was the fact that i could nvr be with him. i admit that i m too young to base a relationship solely on emotions. i need to be physically with the person as well. we planned to meet each other again where we'd both be going to university in Canada, but that would be a year together long distance before we'd be together. I grew impatient and i started to wander. 

The end of the whole relationship is mainly my fault. I just could not wait any longer and i did not have the patience or the maturity to understand the feelings that he held for me and that he was willing to wait for that time until Canada. It was also bad that i was still a student living with my parents. Perhaps things would have been easier if I had been living by myself. i would have more of the chance to fly to him, or vice versa, to see each other.

I ended it a few days after our 5th month-iversary. I dont regret ending it, but i just wish that there was better way to have done it. I really learned alot about myself through this relationship. 

If faced with the option of getting into another LDR in different countries, i think i would turn it down.

starrynite90 starrynite90
Aug 23, 2008