Lamest Long Distance Relationship

I was manic, I was just out of the hospital for a suicide attempt, so hopefully my stupidity will lend itself to this disclaimer :)


I had previously been treated like **** in a relationship with a guy from high school. In college, around the time I went into the psych ward and broke up with my boyfriend, James and I started talking again. Well, he made me think he "grew up" and was going to be different this time, and he told me he always liked me since then, blah blah blah- so he was/is in the Navy, stationed in South Carolina, but he came to visit me when he was in Florida visiting his friends and family. We started dating, I was an idiot for even entertaining the idea, and we dated for a couple of months, but we just drifted apart, we saw each other twice, I feel like he took advantage of me once again, and I wish I wouldn't have been so weak under the influence of having a person to care about since my boyfriend and I had just broke up. I definitely recommend being in a relationship for a while before the long distance starts. Because if you really don't love each other, it won't work, and it will get sour quick.

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I already did find someone special :)<br />
thank you for your words :)

sorry to say this, but he sounded like an *** hole... you will find someone special..<br />
<br />
blessed be<br />
<br />
indigowarrior :)