He Always Said You Hurt The Ones You Love..

We used to be so good. Happy. Then it all fell apart. He took control of it all. I changed so much because of him. I wasnt aloud to talk to any guys or my best friends cuz he didnt like them. I wasnt aloud to wear certain things. We would be having a good day then he would get mad. He would blame it on me. He pushed me around sometimes to let it out. He would tell me to look him in the eyes, but i couldnt handle it so he would grab my face leaving bruses the next day and i would have to tell people it was an acciedent. He would make a fist and punch my stumach, or slam me against my wall over and over again. One time he dragged me across his front yard. He would yall and scream. Telling me to stop crying like a baby. I would try and push him off but that only made it even more mad and angry. I would go into the bathroom and lock the door so he couldnt get to me. but he would bang on it trying to make me open it. And at the end of it all he would apologize and tell me hes sorry and loves me and he will stop. But he never did. Everyday i hoped to god it would be a good day for us. But it happened almost everyday for months. I tried to break up with him then he would tell me he was going to kill him self. Or he would hit me again. Then i would ask why. Why do you do this to me? He said you always hurt the ones you love...3
texasgurl2015 texasgurl2015
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012