Debunking Myths

Somehow there is an idea that all women that engage in prostitution are somehow "lost".  I don't think my own experience is typical, it is authentic. In my case, I had been through a sexual dryspell and met a prostitute through friends. We actually had chemistry and wound up living together a few months later. She was quite well educated(had a doctorate in Anthropology).

We lived with each other about a year. I won't say it was a perfect relationship-but it was far from the worse I've had.

Prostitutes live and love like other humans do. I'm know there are certain occupational  hazards-but that can be said of any occupation.


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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

i lived next door to a woman who's daughter was a part time prostitute, we be came friends,i had sex with her(the daughter),and talked lots,helped her to move,i had a truck,, she would go to LV,NEV,from PHX.and make some money, then come home and be a pretty good mother to her kids,she was a good friend, and i liked her a lot,,i will say i have known a few girls that have sold some, love,,,when their aid to dependent children ran out and they had no other way to earn they turned to the only thing they could find,,no jobs no well fare,,, so ,,,god love them,,i did,,,

I got into a relationship with a prostitute forty years ago. The problem was that we were both in relationships with other people at the time. We spent several years trying to get out of those entanglements so that we could be together. We also both moved around the country a lot and could not seem to hook up. Now as an old man, I've written my memoirs, and her memory has come back to haunt me. My relationship with her has effected every other thing that I have done in ways that I am only now beginning to understand.