the Storm In Gulfport

I'm sure all of you remember hurricane Katrina from last year and what it did to the Mississippi coast.Well I was in Gulfport ,Miss. about 15 years ago for a job and we were hit by a tornado.We had finished for the day and I had gone back to my motel.I was on the 4th floor of the place and had gone up to my room when I realized I had left some things in the car.I went back down the elevator and out to the parking lot which was on the north side of the building.I glanced at the sky and thought that sure looks nasty.But at the time there was no wind and I could'nt hear any thunder so I went back to my room.I went in to take a shower and when I shut the water off I heard a strange whistling sound opening the bathroom door I saw the door to my room actually bulging inward.I went to the window and pulled back the corner of the drapes and froze.Right across the street was a boiling black mass,  it hit a small buiding there and the building just disappeared.  The black mass roared on away from me and I could see things being thrown from it.I finally realized I was standing next to the window naked and soaking wet,I ran to dry off and got dressed. I had to tug hard to open the door and I went outside and saw that directly across the street  there was nothing intact.Everything just 50 to 75 feet away from where I had been showering was destroyed.If I remember no one was killed in the storm but there was several million dollars of destruction.The strange part of the whole experience was the motel where I was staying never even lost power.It sure was a close call
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wow - you are one lucky sob!!!