Tornado II

My wife and I were in Florida visiting some friends in Panama City.One morning we had arranged to meet for breakfast and plan the days activities.While we were eating we decided the ladies were going to go to an outlet mall about 30 miles to the west and my buddy and I were going to make a few stops and hang out.The ladies took my car and I rode with my buddy.The road we were driving on has a dense pine forest on the one side and several homes and businesses on the other.As we rode along I said it looks like a storm could blow up.My friend said the weather man had called for thunderstorms but usually not till afternoon.We made our first stop and when he went in to pick up some pictures I stayed out in the parking lot smoking.There's a lot of traffic on the road so I couldn't hear if any thunder might be rumbling but the wind was kicking up and the sky was getting darker.When my buddy came out we started off again and he remarked it was getting bad looking.We came to a bend in the road and got in the left lane to turn and go across the bridge over the bay.We  were well back in the line of cars and knew it would take a couple of light changes to get through.As we sat waiting a sudden gust of wind rocked the car and about 100 yards ahead of us comes spinning across the highway a small tornado.It tore down the traffic light and blew some business signs down and headed into the forest.It had gone by in what seemed like a blink but I guess it must have been 30 seconds or so.We could see where it tore a path through the forest but by then it was gone.We pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store as firetrucks and police were now on the way.We got out of the car and were looking around and could see the windows had been blown out of a gas station just up from us and two are three cars had been turned over.A number of trees had been blown down but weren't able to tell if anyone had gotten hurt.Later that evening the news reported some injuries and two homes being damaged so all in all it was a rather small affair. 
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51-55, M
Oct 27, 2006