when i was 19 i was dating a 31 year old man... looking back i don't even know why we were dating in the first place...he turned out to be verbally and mentally abusive...he never actually hit me, but he would say "you would like it if i did, you would like it if i hit you and then you could tell your daddy and get me in trouble..." he would say this and hold me up against the wall.... when it came to having sex, no was not a possible answer for him..he forced me to do many things i didn't want to do...

he was so scary but i thought i loved him...i was convinced we were going to be married and everything...finally....lucky for me, he decided to cheat on me and dump me..i was devastated at the time, but after a while, i realized that it was all for the better.

now, i'm with an amazing man who is the polar opposite of that loser.

quietrocket quietrocket
22-25, F
Dec 22, 2006