There was a night when she told me to leave. Simple and clean. I was ready. Shoes tied, sweatshirt on.

I left calmly. The streets offered me safety from her, a safety no one else cared to give me.

I crawled into a spot in a back alley, behind a church.
On a concrete ledge, against a concrete wall.

The frigid air ate away at my exposed skin. It found delight in nibbling on my cheeks and fingertips.

But the air wasn’t the coldest part of sleeping in a dark alley. It was the concrete. The cold bit into the seat of my jeans, creeping down the back of my thighs,
up my back.

Think. warm. thoughts. It didn’t work. But the focus on what warm feels like, tastes like, smells like, helped ease my mind from the cold attacking me.

I laid there, curled up against the wall, knees drawn to my chest, when a car pulled into the alley.

I imagine they were young. Early 20’s, a group of friends,
hanging out together on a cold autumn night.

Their headlights swepted across me. They came to a stop next to me. I drew my breath in, laid still, with my eyes shut.

How do I explain? I can’t explain.
So I feigned sleep as I strained to hear their voices.

The running of the car stole the air, but I felt their voices.
The way you feel bass of a car coming down your street or the growl of thunder in the storm hanging above you.

Their words crawled against my skin, like the feet of numerous tiny insects.

What were they saying?

I couldn’t open my eyes.

Were they discussing how small I was?

I would become a deer caught in headlights.

Were they asking why I was there?

They would see me, a little more than a child.

Were they wondering what to do?

I couldn’t speak.

I had no words. I had no voice.

They drove off anyways.

I was just an exhibit.
Come stare at the young girl,
sleeping in the streets.

A stuffed bear if you guess her story right!

But at least… I forgot how cold I was.
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Aug 23, 2014