Just A 3.4, Centered About 20 Miles Away

That's the first earthquake I have felt in my 70 years. I had been sleeping but it woke me up. I had been so sound asleep I had no idea what was going on. My impression after was that if I didn't know I would have said a huge truck passed over the speed bump just down the street at high speed except I never feel or hear traffic. The other resident in the house had been awake and in the kitchen and heard glasses rattle, windows shake and a baking sheet rattle on the stove. She was scared to tears. There appears to be a new or widened crack in the slate field stone sun porch. 

Edited to add this map with the crossing red lines approximately where I live, correct the Richter number to 3.4 and 
add the response in my zip code.
There were 83 responses in my zip code and average intensity (MMI) of 2.6, weak, with no damage.
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4 Responses Jul 16, 2010

As I said, it woke me up but I was quite willing to go back to sleep.

Yeah, it was my first too. I wasn't scared, just puzzled.

Thank you, Jen (((Jen))) <br />
<br />
I hope allis well in your neck of the woods, too,<br />
I've missed our chats.

oh wow, i heard about it this morning. glad everyone's ok *hugs*