So I was up late on Ep on friday night/saturday morning, It was about 4:30am and my room started to shake, I though "Oh wow, an earthquake" (had'nt felt one since i was a kid) but I then got frightened very fast, It got so violent and it just kept going, I thought I was maybe going mad and then I thought it was the end of the world and we were all going to die, I was waiting for those horsemen some people speak of.
I tried to get out of my room to my family but I could'nt get the door open and I could hear things smashing out there and thought it might be safer in my room anyway. It was so horrible, about 4 years ago my house burned down and it brought back memories of feeling trapped and fearing for my life but at least when the house was on fire I knew what was happening.
It calmed down and I ran into my grandads room. My grandparents were laughing at me.
Our power was out and we could'nt see, grandma kept lighting candles, she even had one of those candle holders with 5 candles all lit on the table and there were still after shocks going on and everytime the house shook I blew them out cause I did'nt want another housefire ontop of an earthquake and then eventually they both yelled at me! WTF? everyone else I've told thinks they were mad and they BOTH told me off, then I questioned my sanity again, thanks guys. Our house is fine, so far everyone I know's houses are fine but our inner city is completely ****** and all of our beautiful old buildings are gone...alot of people have lost their homes and some people are driving around on roads that are flooded.
It Is now Wednesday night and the quakes are still going, there was one thismorning and that has destroyed a few more buildings.
We have not lost a single soul in this earthquake but our city is almost destroyed, we are so lucky and yet scared and on edge.
Roads are ripped up, cars are destroyed, shops are shut, some are injured. It's all very trippy, Im so spun out lol
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I feel the earth is angry, a lot of natural disasters occur everywhere, in my country started from the tsunami in Mentawai to the mountains of Merapi and Mount Bromo.<br />
humans seem to be aware of these natural responses, and correct errors due to natural damage, and given the will of god

Our house has cracks through the concrete blocks and the piles have sunk but I am so grateful that my family, friends and pets are safe.<br />
The aftershocks can't go on forever, they will stop one day.

Hey I hear you yes it has been very scary were all on edge. This morning when it happened I had a pot of boiling water on the stove which I had to go rescue then a piece of glass nearly came flying down off the top of the pantry. Glad to hear were all alive but I'm praying for our safety I hope were not driving when another big shock comes. Hugs to you because I know your as scared as me xx