Canterbury Earthquake

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and on September 4th, 2010, at 4.35am we had a 7.1 earthquake. Thousands of homes were damaged, and about 3000 buildings are no longer safe and are being demolished. Many beautiful heritage buildings have been destroyed.
What you don't hear so much about is the aftershocks. At first we were getting 98 a day, now a week later it is about 12 a day. These aftershocks keep people in a state of fear, as the bigger ones take us back to the original one and we are being re-traumatised. Suddenly the house will jolt and your heart leaps and thuds away as the house moves and we wait to see if it is going to stop or gather momentum.
Each aftershock affects already damaged structures and makes it worse.
Thanks be to God no-one was killed. I am so grateful, too to live in a first world country where firefighters, police, army, Red Cross, Civil Defence are all here, trained and ready to go. Also structural engineers, geotech engineers, builders plumbers etc, all here on the spot.
Most areas have power, water and sewerage restored although there are port-a-loos and water tankers in some areas. There are 5 Welfare Centres in the area to house temporarily the homeless and those too afraid to stay in their home.
New Zealand is an earthquake -prone country but Christchurch is on the flat and no-one seriously thought there would be one here. In the mountains 50 miles away maybe. The two faults that opened up have been inactive for 16,000 years.
All the quakes are being detailed on
The Maori have a saying, " The only important thing - people, people, people" So true. My dog had a panic attack, the cat only comes inside for a short time before dashing out again, but sooner or later, we are all going to be okay.

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Well here it is almost July, and we are still in an on-going event, having had over 7000 aftershocks since September, including a 5.7 and a 6.4 back -to-back on June 13th, which shattered infrastructure and pretty much put us back to square one again. It will all stop one day, and we will rebuild a city more beautiful than ever. It's hard at the moment though, seeing the familiar places a heap of rubble and the city crippled.

Christchurch had another quake just over a week ago that was 6.3. While smaller than September's one, it was much closer to the city and caused a lot more damage and deaths. I hope you are ok. Take care.

The aftershocks would make me a nervous wreck! It sounds like your country has responded in a first rate manner! I saw a figure somewhere that said, it's eight months afterward, but still less than 2% of the rubble from Haiti's earthquake has been removed.