Never Been In The Epicenter As The Call It

but there was one here in the U.S. a lil while back(in Virginia i believe) anyways i was laying on the floor in the basement/ground level of my house in Ohio i felt myself moving/shaking slightly and at first i thought i was dying or something major was wrong with me lol

then a few seconds/mins later i felt it again and i knew it was probably a earthquake or something like that and i went to go find where my Grandma was and she was freaking out too so then i knew what it was lol

She thought it was a ghost or something messing with her haha....

sure enough turned on the t.v. and yeah it was an earthquake as i thought after i realized it wasn't just me and i wasn't as crazy as i thought(or i wasn't dying for that matter whew... :p

idk how many others felt it around me as if you were busy doing something you might not have noticed but i sure did and it was a unique feeling/experience....the ground shaking
papasmerf21 papasmerf21
22-25, M
Jan 12, 2012