Two Today!

like an earlier story said...i live along the new madrid fault line (my town is only 30mins from where the center of these earthquakes today were), so i knew one was bound to happen eventually, but was still surprised when it did.  The first one was this morning around 4:30am  Woke me up of course and i just like shot out of my bed, unsure why lol  so i went to see if my daughter had gotten up...nope she was sound asleep.  so i go use the bathroom and wonder what had woken me up in the first place.  i go back to bed and then my bed moves!!  i'm like oh yeah, THAT'S why! lol  i seriously thought something/someone was under my bed (keep in mind the time and my half asleep state here too! lol)  i wasn't about to go back to sleep.  a few minutes later my daughter woke up...i was almost scared to get up and check on her  lol  so i go...turn on ALL the lights in my apt...and get her settled back in bed.  then i check under my bed...just in case.  of course there was nothing there, but still...i felt a little better.  couldn't go back to sleep tho...and just when i close my eyes (about 45 mins later) to try, an aftershock hits!  i'm like this is ridiculous!  course i still wasn't sure what it was...just thought it mighta been my downstairs neighbors leaving and shutting the door hard or something...b/c my windows rattle then too.


eventually i fall asleep.....then later this morning, i was about to go take a shower when it happens again!  I'm wide awake this time and know what's going daughter really doesn't and is clinging to my leg asking me what's going on.  i told her it was an earthquake.  then i told her it was like an earthshake--like on the land before time movies :)  but i told her it wasn't as bad as that...i think she understood lol

they say the first one was a 5.2 (was a 5.4, but i guess they changed their minds lol)  and the second one was a 4.6   Kinda cool, yet kinda scary to think if they were any bigger!  Fortunately there was no major damage anywhere and no serious injuries :)  now i can say i survived TWO earthquakes!  :D 

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yeah i guess...since he won't be here and all :D

Damn, so what does that mean for me? Am I allowed to come on the other weekend now too if I can?

crap you're right! i forgot to call him! oh well...guess he won't be around anymore then

I don't know, maybe the other every other weekend boyfriend you got? Maybe he came on the wrong weekend

not really much damage countrysquire52....a few things broken around where it was centered, but not here :)<br />
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yes SMTS, it was pretty cool :) glad you got to experience one yourself lol but WHO would be banging on my door at 1am? lol

Well, I guess I can say that I experienced an aftershock with you, that was pretty cool early this morning, thought that a plane was flying over head, than maybe someone was banging on your door or something. Kinda cool to feel the ground shack live a wave. Wish I could have been there for the bigger one, that would have been really cool.

Scary stuff. I remember the drills from my years in Illinois. I always wondered why and was told about a fault line but never really knew where it was exactly.<br />
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They had some off the northwestern coast too, earlier this week. Pretty scary but they predict a big one soon. I surely hope they don't both go at it. Too scary.<br />
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I felt the big one in California back in the mid 90's all the way here in Arizona. It woke me up at least I'm sure it did, I got up that morning didn't know what really got me up but within 5-10 minutes the new was breaking on it.

so thats what woke me up this morning!!! i was in louisville,ky and i thought someone hit my damned truck i got up and got dressed but no one was around LOL it was about 5:30 eastern time

we had one here in virginia. i was sleeping and i hear this rumbling under my bed. well i was half asleep and thought also someone was under the bed so i checked and of course no one was there. i got up and turned on the tv and i hear earthquake hit virginia. i was so shocked.

i don't know that i was "thrown" out of my bed, but i most certainly jumped out of it real fast! it nearly scared the p*ss outta me! lol

i live on the second floor of an apt building, so i'm VERY glad it wasn't bigger....or else i might have ended up in the neighbors apt! lol

"earthshake" is definitely a cuter term. i think we should all adopt it.<br />
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but how scary it must have been! i'm glad you're ok!