Not A Dream...

Waked up at 2:55am. Was in bed. I had a dream.
I open one eye and watch the chandelier swing. Bed shake too.
My wife wake up, and I said " nothing other than a little earthquake, sleep again ".

Great commotion by my neighbour. He phone me ( 3:00am,  ).
" what's happend, help..."
I answer " Keep Your dictionnary at letter 'E' and fetch for 'earthquake' (in
He said " hey, what should I do now ? "
Answer " let me sleep, please "..

Next day, in the garden my dear neighbour was still upset. I said " Pfuuu.. just a magnitude of 2.4, no need to panic, huh ? ".

My poor friend...

Just waiting together for the great one....
juliegirlie juliegirlie
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1 Response Jan 20, 2012

Oh! my goodness how frightening is this!? My friend, years ago, said she felt the earth move! when something similar happened to her and her husband in the late seventies! :D <br />
<br />
Great post doll and i thank you for sharing! :D :D <>

Yes, earth moving.
These night my wife coul'nt tell me ' Hey, it's Your whisky again ? ".