Northridge '94

I was about 10 minutes away from the epicenter of the '94 Northridge, CA quake. The earthquake had a "strong" moment magnitude of 6.7, but the ground acceleration was one of the highest recorded in an urban area in North America (lol, wiki). I was 7 years old, and I was both scared and very interested by how much the ground was shaking. About 60 people died. It struck in the wee hours of the morning. I remember people outside my house freaking out, very chaotic. My mom and I got in the car to try to drive away from it. We stayed at my aunt's house for the rest of the night, about 30 minutes away from the epicenter.

Even a couple days later, we were having strong aftershocks. When I got back to my house, there was broken glass everywhere, some fixtures were cracked, and my tadpoles were dead (the random things you remember at that age...)
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I was in Los Angeles and was 6 at the time. All I remember is watching my bookshelves sway back and forth from my bed and seeing all the things on shelves destroyed, having fallen.<br />
I can't count on both hands how often I hear "we're due for another one!"

Let's hope not. I've also heard that way too much. hah