1994 6.7 Northridge Earthquake

On Jan 17th just before 5 am my family was jolted out of their sleep...  When I awoke out of my sleep I knew it was an earthquake.  I was shocked to see how severely our home was... as my husband and I  made our way through the dark hallway toward our children's room.  Their bunk beds fallen over landing lop-sided against their dresser... our babies were huddled underneath one of the fallen beds...they were crying hysterically.  I thought...  "Was it that bad?"  I was anxious to call my family back home from the mid-west to let them know that we were okay- (The phones were out.) 

People were outside of their homes standing around in a daze... afraid to go back in their homes for fear of the walls collapsing in on them.  I remember the eerie sounds of noisy sirens ringing out in every direction. We saw military helicopters land across the street at the neighborhood park as well as news helicopters flying over head... It was surreal like being in a movie.  Later in the days to  come we would all discover just how devastating the situation was. Like the devastation of the Northridge apartment complex that collapsed killing 16 people, part of a section of the newly built Newhall overpass collapsing killing an LAPD officer who was driving just moments before it came crashing down on the lower level of the freeway.  {Since it was still a little dark out he had not seen that the freeway in front of him was gone.}  And the Northridge Fashion Center (shopping mall) was severely damaged.

For months after the Northridge quake life was far from normal for my family and for our sunny and bright San Fernando Valley.  

As horrible and scary this day was...(my heart is sadden for the families that lost their loved ones) for what it's worth out of the devastation and catastrophe there came a sense of connection and unity...  I saw people helping other people, giving and sharing what little they had of food or water even the coats off their back.  I never really knew my next door neighbors until I was jolted from my sleep.  We all were Jolted.

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2 Responses Feb 29, 2012

Same here! Me too....I was in the epicenter and was shopping at that mall 12 hours earlier!
Shortly after I along with millions of others left the state for good. Good your here to talk about it.

Yep - I was living in West Hollywood. Shaken, not stirred.

You lucked out...I was in the 'Valley' in the epicenter.