Not much as a story here, just a thought. It's amazing how people get used to their particular environment. Last night we had a 5.2 at 4'30 am aprox. I didn't felt a thing, lol.
It takes more than 6 degrees to actually wake me up. This is not common for everybody, but checking my FB account, it seems lots of friends didn't woke up either.
When it's strong enough to wake me up, I usually stay in bed. My dogs don't even bark, my kids say nothing and rarely talk about it later.
Of course the 7.5 I experienced at 9 yo, and the 8.8 a couple of years ago did get my attention!! But I seem to recognize by now the way it gets when a big one is developing. The noise is a good indicator and so is the time elapsed.
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Very interesting. In the past year or so I was in two minor ones, the first I ever felt in my 72 years, The first I thought was just traffic and the second was not scary either. I didn't know to even wonder if I should be scared. <br />
So, you have gotten used to the ones you needn't be scared of and I am so unused to them I don't even think earthquake. LOL

We don't get earth quakes in England, fortunately only very occasional tremors, they really scare me. I'm a terrible light sleeper, everything seems to wake me so I don't think I'd like to live where you do lol. I'm glad you slept peacefully though :o)

They could be scary for tourists and foreing residents!
We had another this afternoon. It was worst. Over 6 degrees at least. Acoording to USGS it was a 7,2. We were at the park, sitting on a bench. We stayed pretty calm. Constructions are safe and we know the protocols.