1989 Santa Cruz, Ca 5 Miles From Epicenter

I came home from work and decided to call my sons friends house to give his mother my number at work because I didn't get off work until 2:30p and my son got out of school at 2:10p he was 13 so old enough to on his own until I got home but he would usually go hang out with his friend who lived a block away, this is before cell phones. So I thought I'd give her my number at work just incase something happened as I was talking to her and said this, something happened I could hear a deep rumbling and then I said we are having a earthquake. The phone line went dead and the building was going up and down 3 loud slips, my cat freaked out and was running around the room on the walls in a circle, I ran to the front door and stood in the door frame, so did my neighbor we where facing each other as all this was happening, my cat flew out the door the minute I opened it and ran down the steps. Oh yes, I was on the second story in a condo so as soon as it slowed we ran down the steps into the parking lot. It seemed to last for a long time, there where quite a few of us that ran into the parking lot where nothing could fall on us. What a powerful experience to feel the earth and feel like a small ant that couldn't do a thing about it. It was quite tramatizing for my son he was on his bike and they gave free counseling to many. There where many aftershocks even 5.0 and our nerves where on edge even if a big truck went by and the ground would rumble. I got out of town to visit a friend of mine in Arizona and there where a few of us from Santa Cruz on the plane the plane started shaking when we where taking off and all of us where white knuckling the chairs. We all laughed but it took months to get over it. I worked at a big computer company and we did a poll of what people might have felt before the quake happened, any signs. The week before we saw a lot of dead animals on the highways, I had this strange headache that I couldn't get rid of and so did others, there was a stillness in the air before it took place.
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nice story

wow i was driving for a AMBULANCE company bck then I was working the Santa Cruz then and the Northern Coast route to Half Moon Bay. It was wild Lots of calls for a week after as well.

i was north of there on a turn off up by a place called cloud 9 top of the range before you started to drop down towards the coast<br />
<br />
i think as my grand parenst old cabin when it hit was very glad i was in a 4x4 witht he trees and stuff down after wards

I know that place Cloud 9 because every time we passed it when I was a kid my parents said that's where I lived. It no longer exist. 4x4 is handy at a time like that.

I was in a wood fr<x>amed building which was good, it had some flexibility. I sure wouldn't want to be on the 6th floor in a brick building. The cabinets opened and all the glassware fell out the kitchen was a pile of broken glass and dishes. Many people loss their chimineys. We didn't have clean drinking water luckily I always have bottled water and the water was dirty that came out of the faucet because of pipelines breaking they said you could take a shower in it but it just didn't look clean. We had no electricity for a couple of days, so everyone pulled out their barbeques and was cooking what was in their freezers otherwise it would all go bad. I was in a condo apartment complex so their was a feeling of community and Santa Cruz is that kind of place where people pull together. For some reason I wasn't scared immediately afterwards oh yeah my adrenaline was pumping. I felt energized and children in the complex gathered around me, I talked to them about the great mother earth how powerful she is and comforted them not from a place of fear but a place of respect for the earth must of been my American Indian side coming out. They didn't want to hang out with their own parents. I remember being in a shopping mall with my son and we had a big after shock, there was this feeling that we where all in this together we where tired of being jarred again and again. People where quite open about their feelings like you knew them for a long time. I'm glad I was in Santa Cruz it might of been a different story in another town.

Gee scarey it must of been awfull. Yes one says we should look at the wheather. My best friend from school so we have been friends for 55yrs anyway she lives in Cyprus near Greece and it was really very very hot she stood in her underwear doing the ironing. When one of the tiles in the dinningroom actually exploded then the pictures fell off the walls and the whole building shook. She is on the 6th floor she won't stay home now when her husband goes on business incase another one strikes. Alot of people got killed as the freeway callopsed.