My First Earthquake Encounter ( Be Careful Of What You Wish For)

Last February 6 2012, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Cebu. It was my first earthquake encounter and here's my story

it was such an ordinarily stressful day. School was of course hectic being filled with students who were wishing for the day to be over. I had two wishes in mind. First, that we would have a rest period and my second wish was that classes would be suspended.

My first wish actually came true. It was 10:20 am and our computer teacher was not around. We all went to the computer lab and used the period to sleep, finish our homework or simply scroll around 9gag. At exactly 11:57, I was disturbed by a sudden rumbling. I thought it was just one of my classmate stomping her feet but I realized something was definitely wrong. I could feel my computer shaking. I turned to my seatmate and said. "oi ga linog?" (hey is there an earthquake?) that was when everyone noticed the shaking. Suddenly it got stronger."EARTHQUAKE!!" my classmate shouted. Every year we have this earthquake drill but never in my wildest dreams that we would actually use it. We all ran towards the door and headed to an open space. I didnt panic but honestly, it was terrifying. After a moment, it was announced the classes are suspended. And I was like "wow didn't i just wish for this to happen?"
I dont know if I was suppose to be happy or worried but I guess wishes are powerful after all.

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3 Responses Apr 24, 2012

Not nice, i dont like them. Especialy bad because i live in california, if there is a quake its around 2.0- 4.0, and they come in series

yes they sure are powerful

i wish it would happen to me toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!