Eastcoast Tremor 2011

I live in Va. I was at work the day we had our earthquake....I was actually in a patient's room and the floor started shaking. Our office was being worked on and I thought someone upstairs was moving around really heavy furniture. Someone in the hallway said "is that an earthquake". I came out of the room and someone pulled up the news on the computer, and sure enough, it was an earthquake. The shaking didn't last long at all and we suffered no damage where I live. I later learned that east coast earthquakes don't do as much damage as on the west coast because our part of the country has huge, thick rock between the surface and the plates. We did suffer damage in northern VA, and also in DC. God bless to all those that deal with these all the time.
karmazrevenge karmazrevenge
36-40, F
Apr 29, 2012