Cali... The State That Rumbles

I've been living in California since 1985. Living here we occasionally feel little tremors...nothing serious. Every few years we actually feel stronger jolts that wake you and get you out of bed. Last week I was at was about 9 am and I was sitting here drinking my coffee...checking my emails, voicemails etc...starting of my day when I felt a little tremor. Lately we've been having stronger earthquakes and after shakes. Some people that have never felt them go kinda crazy about some lil shaking but its nothing compared to the 1994 quake. I was 14 years old and still remember...

On January 17, 1994 4:31am I felt the strongest earthquake I had ever experienced. It was a A 6.7 that shook for 10-20. And although it was ONLY 10-20 seconds it felt like it shook waaaaayyyy longer. It felt like forever. It shook so hard and it was so dark....scary. In the building I lived in people where running out of their apartments screaming. Me and my family ran out too. Many of the people in the building thought it was the end of the world and began praying. The entire experience was surreal. After it stopped shaking we noticed one of our Tvs and dishes had broken. This China cabinet also fell. Everyone was really scared. Many people in my neighborhood went to the park next door where we camped out for a day or 2. During that time some emergency rescue teams like FEMA and the red cross came out to give us food and water. The people in my building where not allowed back in because there where cracks in the building due to the earthquake. My family and many others where given money to relocate.

"A total of  57 people died, and there were over 8,700 injured. In addition, the earthquake caused an estimated $20 billion in damage, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in U.S. history."

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Yeah, Jan 17 1994 quake was violent! And long. I thought it would never end.

oh wow! so went thought it too huh? yeah it was a looooong one : O

Same here!

I was in one there in 1972, and we were on the freeway head north on the 5, when it happened. I r ee member cars stopping a gb d a lot of wrecks. When we got home, i found my 150 gal fish tank on the floor broke and all my fish dead. I will never forget it. Some over passes had collapsed in lA area.