Just Now....seriously

Just 5 or so minutes ago....Melbourne australia 9.0 something pm Fri March 6th 2009...


WOW.... the first one I have felt.....no measurements in yet....wooow!

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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Thank you, I can't sleep... this adds to my stresses.

Sending you (((bigg huggs))) realwoman. I was in an big earthquake in Oregon. It's freaky when the ground rolls and trembles and you can't do any thing, but HANG ON!!

I heard it read 4.something on the rictor scale. Didn't feel anything down in Tasmania! Glad it wasn't too big, just enough to be exciting.

Good luck! Hope you will be fine! ((((((HUGS)))))

Still up, still shaken up.

Wow, how are you? Hugs!!

Wow RealWoman, you may be the first to report it! I found it. Says it was a 4.7.<br />

Crazy... I've been in three. 2 in Oregon and one in Alaska.x