Loma Prieda Vs Katrina

I am originally from the SF bay area, I've lived thru many earthquakes including the big one in 89. I went on to join the military and became a weather forecaster and learned about all of the other natural disasters and then I experienced Hurricane Katrina about a mile from the coast in Biloxi MS. I will take an earthquake anyday over any of the other disasters, Tornados are spun out of thunderstorms, Hurricanes start as thunderstorms in Africa and move west, and with an earthquake by the time you realize what's going on its over. A hurricane you shelter for days waiting to die and you don't know when or what will happen. If you are going to go thru an earthquake CA is the best place they retrofit everything for the earthquakes so it's actually really safe here.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

You rode out Katrina in Biloxi! Yow!