I was in my first earthquake ever a few weeks ago when I was in New Zealand. My brother and I had just been talking about earthquakes a few days before and mentioned that NZ was on a magor fault line but I really didn't even think about the possibility of one happening when I was there. I figured I'd have more of a chance of feeling one in cali when I was there for a week before heading to New Zealand.

But it was definatley nothing like I had ever felt before, my brother and I were in a restaurant in Queenstown and he was in the toilet while I was waiting for him to come back and everything started rumbling like there was a train going by. The wine glasses hanging from the bar werehitting against each other and breaking and I just remember the sound of the glass clinking together. It lasted for a full two minutes and after it was over we all went downstairs and into the street where everyone was flooding out of the buildings and there were  alarms going off from all the shops. I actually thought it was exciting. I'm just glad the no one was hurt, which is crazy considering it was a 7.8 earthquake.

I think because of it, new zealand is now like 30 cm closer to australia or something haha.


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There was a tsunami warning... leading to a climactic two foot wave... haha. But I was about 50 miles from the coast

yeah, if the epi-center hadn't been so far off coast it could have been waaaaay worse :o

I felt this earthquake too! I was in Dunedin with some friends at a cafe - it wasn't as strong felt there, but still a good rumble. It was lucky it hit down in the South Island, an earthquake of that strength in one of the bigger cities would have had quite different results *gulp*

Wow- you must have been far from the quake if a 7.8 didn't cause major structural damage. You are very lucky- but that is definitely an experience to remember! I have a phobia about earthquakes and was in southern California not too far from a 4.5. The house shook and made a horrible snapping noise, and the rumbling was very frightening. Before I could run to the door, it was over. I'm a wimp- that 4.5 was enough for me to be happy to get out of California!